Why You Should Travel With A Leather Backpack

July 4, 2018

Traveling is a regular part of our life. It can be due to the professional purpose or a personal vacation with your friends and family members. While planning for travel, the things to carry take the significant part of your thought process.

Carrying too many things is always a concern as the luggage or suitcase can be too heavy, and it can put strains on your arms. That is where backpacks are replacing the traditional luggage and suitcase significantly.

From a scientific standpoint, a backpack distributes the weight of the items in the bag over both the shoulders. In comparison, you have to carry the suitcase or luggage with one arm only which imbalances you and the weight and pressure get too heavy on one side. Therefore, backpacks are more comfortable and most importantly, you can travel with free hands without having to drag or carry anything. When you decide to buy a backpack, you will find that there are backpacks made up of various materials like canvas, nylon, leather, and what not.

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The leather backpacks are the best out of the lot because of the following reasons:

1. Lightweight

The common complaint about leather items is that they are heavy. First, they will be far lighter than any suitcase or luggage. Secondly, if you buy premium-quality leather, it is going to be lighter than nylon and canvas backpack. This is due to the process of tanning that leather material goes through before getting transformed into a backpack. Only when you buy cheap leather items, they are going to be heavy.

2. Durable

When you compare a backpack with a traveling luggage or suitcase, you have to consider the durability factor first because the latter ones survive a lifetime. Leather backpacks are known for their durability, and we all know how leather can survive for decades whether you wear a belt or have a leather wallet or purse. On the other hand, the nylon and canvas backpacks are relatively less long-lasting. You may have to buy one more after a few years if you do not choose the leather backpacks.

When you buy a backpack made of leather, you do not have to worry about its usage. Since leather is a very versatile material, it can be used at different occasions and for multiple purposes. You can carry a leather backpack both to college and for professional outings.  If you are an intern studying in a college, you don’t have to buy two bags for college and work since backpacks can be used on both the places.  It saves you money and fulfills your need.

3. Water Resistant

Leather backpacks are water resistant, and a drizzle will not damage the material. As a matter of fact, the water will not stand on the bag and slide away instantly due to the smooth surface. They are also heat resistant, and hence, the items you carry inside will not be affected in the summer.

They are tailor-made for daily rough use and are completely abrasion-free. Most of them are weather resistant and hence, you can take it anywhere whether it is snowy mountains or super hot beaches.

Backpacks are also preferred choice among people who loves hiking. They can just keep all their essential items in the backpack and start for a long walk into the countryside. 

4. Attractive

No other backpack can beat leather backpacks. The reason why people always prefer leather backpack no matter where they are going is because of its aesthetic value. It can make your personality stunning and gels well with different outfits seamlessly.

As a matter of fact, wearing leather backpacks gives you a premium outlook than nylon or canvas backpacks fail to. Moreover, you look more presentable with a leather backpack rather than a suitcase or luggage.

Leather has a classy look and rich appearance. Millennials are famous for carrying bags and other accessories which are exclusively made from leather.  

5. Travel-friendly

Leather backpacks are very sturdy, and they stay in proper shape even when the interior is half empty. This helps you to reach out to the exterior compartments easily, and you can pick your water bottle and smartphone from the outer pocket instantly on the go. You can also put more than enough staff, and it will adjust comfortably without tearing off.

We often get confused about different pockets in a bag but backpacks are organized properly that can help us to carry lot of things without any hassle. Backpacks with front pockets are also very useful during long travel. You can keep small necessary items in those mini pockets and it is very convenient. There is no need to take large suitcases when you are travelling for a short trip instead you can carry backpacks and be more comfortable.

6. Celebrity Trend

It has become a trend among popular international celebrities to carry leather backpacks instead of purses, handbags, or luggage. Popular celebrities like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Justin Bieber, Jay Z and Emma Stone have set the trend of adapting to leather backpacks over everything else. You can also be a part of this trend by getting yourself a premium leather backpack enhancing your dressing sense and personality.

Even many instagrammers, bloggers and other influencers often posts images with their leather backpacks on different social media platforms. Backpacks have appealed to people of all age, gender and demographics.  It has gained lot of traction in recent years and has also become a part of mainstream fashion in many countries.

7. Other Benefits

The straps of the leather backpacks are the most comfortable for your shoulders in comparison to nylon and canvas. They do not slip off or get wet. Most of the leather backpacks have a separate compartment for electronic gadgets, laptops, personal documents, dresses, and foods. There are multiple colors available to suit your outfit perfectly for a fashion statement.

All the above points prove that it is right to say there is no alternative to leather backpacks in the travel world and it is the perfect choice. It has all the features which appeals to every traveler and makes your travel more convenient and enjoyable.

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