Why Black Handbags Are Most Popular Among Women

Jun 23, 2018

Handbags are considered to be one of the most functional accessories in a woman's closet. It is where all the 'important' and 'not-so-important' things go and gets all handy. They help in holding all the day-to-day items, helps protect valuable things from inclement weather, damage and sometimes theft. The most important purpose in today's glam world is how these beauties help in completing a beautiful woman's perfectly done up polished look.

black handbags

To keep the game up, various designer labels, brands have come up with the latest trendy bags in various fabrications, colors and services. It is almost difficult to know what is worth the money and what is not!

To make your lives easier, we have compiled a list of top 10 types of handbags for you. Here's the list:

  1. The Leather Satchel
  2. Clutches
  3. The Crossbody Bags
  4. The eccentric Evening Clutches
  5. Straw basket handbags
  6. Medium sized everyday shoulder bags
  7. Tote Bags
  8. Casual every day bags for work
  9. The classic couched detailed bags with metal trims
  10. Bucket bags

Now, why is it that majority of the brands and designers opt for the color black? Because that sells the most. Which brings us to the million dollar question 'Why?' Because, every individual likes to have handbags which can go with majority of their clothing items and match completely with their footwear and complete the look in the perfectly classic way. Black is one color which works well in majority of the cases. It is one color which works fine with almost all other colors and is also considered to be a classic. It is en-grained into a person's brain that black is the staple and most neutral color to shop. It is the best go-to option for the world.

Let's take a closer look at why black handbags are most popular among women:

  • Color Psychology: Black being the perfect neutral statement for people who have a fear of going wrong with colors. The color works just fine and it is considered to be the safest option for all those who do not wish to experiment much or does not wish to go wrong at all. It is the best alternative for every occasion.
  • Represents Power: Black, the color associates itself with various powerful concepts such as, authority- which works perfectly well with the woman in power, elegance - for the ones only looking for class and elegance. It is one color with various emotions attached to it and hence works fine with almost everybody. The color works fine for a woman who wants to win the world, when she walks around in her stylish dress and carries the most beautiful black bag to complete her look and win the world over. Similarly the black bag works perfectly with the woman who loves dressing up but is shy! This color works fine with every sensitivity and emotion. It is the most emotional color. 
  • All Purpose: With the previous pointers we have definitely established the fact that black is truly neutral and so it is the most versatile color to be teamed up with. The style of bags play an important role and therefore a list of top ten bag styles trending this season has been stated already (above). Black is such a strong color that it helps in narrowing down the whole purpose of what to wear with it. 
  • Always stay in Trend: Black color can never go out of style. Every fashion event or brand shows has special segment showcasing products made of black color. There are new designs of handbags which are introduced every season but most of the new design starts with a black edition. It is very popular among fashion stylists and people who always want to stay on top of fashion.
  • Does not show Imperfections: This is probably the only color which does not show any imperfection. Black handbags mostly look great be it of any shape, size or design. You can carry any handbag made of black color and it would always appear beautiful. A scratch or a mark does not show up on a black bag. It is also easy to maintain as compared to bags made from light colors.

  • Attracts Attention: Everyone wants to get attention but it’s a tough job. You can either get people to follow you if you are a football player, President of a country, movie star, or Kim Kardashian. The other option is to carry a shiny black leather bag and pair it up with a leather jacket. This would definitely raise some eyebrows when you to go to any party.

We have often heard people saying that when you are confused while choosing a particular color then always go for Black. It is the default color among many shoppers worldwide.

Although it is imperative to look for other options but the real happiness is in going for something which signifies class, elegance, power and dominance.

There are four important details that we look for while buying a handbag ie material, design, color and price. Every piece of information is important and often times it happens that we do not get the desired color due to shortage in stock supply or higher demand.

It is also an extremely difficult task to find a black bag in limited edition as it is an extremely sought after color but labels and brands are already working upon it and does their best to keep up the exclusivity for the sake of buyers.

People wait for the release of these special products and they even bid for it in advance. There are different sorts of obsessions with black color and every one of it is justified as long as you look beautiful with the final product.

Getting everything together, we can say that Black is one color which is extremely important and sustainable in all aspects. It is a bold step to the world in its own ways and therefore getting everything right is as crucial as finding the right bag.

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