Top 10 Tips on How to Wear a Black Leather Jacket

Sep 28, 2018

Leather jackets have always been a style statement throughout ages. No matter how much fashion has evolved, a leather jacket is a must for men and women. It has never failed to turn heads. It is one such piece of clothing which can be used in so many ways. You can actually create a different look with your leather jacket. If you want to look cool, classy, elegant or ultramodern, you can always enhance your look with a leather jacket.

While you can carry your jacket with almost all attires, you must know which look will suit with a particular type of jacket. There are many different types of leather jackets and you must make the purchase based on your look. The black leather jacket can always transform and enhance your appearance if you can carry it properly.

Following are top 10 tips on how to wear your black leather jacket :

1. The Casual Look

It is the most preferred style because it suits everybody . You can wear a simple white tee and pair it with denim or trousers. A black leather jacket is more than enough to make that simple look classy. A no-makeup look and minimum basic accessories and you are ready to rock the look. You can choose to wear a simple black leather jacket or an embellished one depending upon your choice of casual dress.

casual black jacket

2. The Gym Look

Wearing your gym clothes might not always look interesting but wearing a black jacket over your gym tees can change your look completely. So, you do not have to be monotonous in your gym clothes too. With your attire which you normally wear to the gym, add your black leather jacket and turn heads anytime.

gym jacket

3. The Party Look

Party attire can mean anything from short dresses to long formal gowns. You would be surprised to notice the transformation in your look when you throw your black jacket over it. When you are wearing a stylish dress for that party, choose a simple black leather jacket to balance the look. With heavy jewelry and bold makeup, you can stand out from the crowd.

party jacket

4. The Biker Look

The biker look is all about black leather jackets. You can choose a bold leather jacket with metal work for that biker look. Pair it with black tights & top and you are ready for the go. To complement the look, you can wear heeled boots and a pair of aviators. The black jacket enhances the bold biker look.

bike jacket

5. Season Change Look

Jackets are meant for the winter season but it does not have to be boring at all. No one loves to look drab when you have to cover yourself with layers of clothing. For winter season look, you can wear a sweater or turtleneck pullover. Over that, the black leather jacket would make you look chic even when you are wearing different layers of clothing.

winter jacket

6. The Bold Ultramodern Look

To look bold and to stand out amongst the crowd, a black leather jacket is a must. You can wear knee high boots and pair it with a short dress or miniskirts. This bold look can be enhanced when you wear a black jacket over your dress. Matching with your black heel boots, you can wear a simple black leather jacket and jazz up your look. Bold lips and highlighted eyes would complement the look.

jacket for bold look

7. The College Girl Look

Nothing is as fresh and refreshing as the college girl look. You can keep your entire attire simple. The black leather jacket looks absolutely stunning and grabs attention. Depending on your attire, it is best to purchase a simple leather jacket to keep the look minimum. Wear Natural makeup and carry along a perfect crossbody bag to keep the look at its best.

college chic

8. The Chic Look

A jacket can be worn in many ways with many different types of attire. The black leather jacket can be made to give a bold look and at the same time it can make your look chic and classy. You can easily pair your leather jacket with a floral dress or something which you would wear to work. If you are planning on a night out after work, the black leather jacket would be just fine to change your look for the occasion.

chic look

9. The Traditional Look

Traditional attires look elegant at any time. There is no doubt about that. But, sometimes, you can add a bit of zing to your traditional look. You can wear your black leather jacket over your dress or just throw it over your shoulder for a casual yet traditional look. You can make a completely different look using your black jacket.

traditional jacket

10. The Lace Story Look

There is something subtle about lace dresses. Pairing a leather jacket with a lace dress can be very innovative. The leather jacket adds boldness to the subtle look of lace dresses. You can wear accessories of your choice with this new look. For a lace dress in light colors, you can choose to wear a classic black leather jacket to complete the look.

lace jacket

Leather jackets are very much in trend even now. No matter what hairstyle you have or what the occasion is, your black leather jacket can turn heads and make you look gorgeous in any event.



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