Top 10 Leather Jackets To Buy Right Now

July 27, 2018

Leather jackets can be a perfect style statement no matter where you go. It shows that you have a classy taste which is reflected through your jacket. Depending on the use, you can choose from the following types of leather jackets that can suit your personality and bring out your hidden charm.

black leather jacket

Here is the list of top 10 leather jackets for you:

1. Biker Leather Jackets

bike jacket

The biker leather jackets are specially designed keeping in mind the requirements of bikers. They are stylish and available in various colors like black, classic brown and others. If you are a regular biker, this is the jacket for you.

2. Racer Leather Jackets

racer jacket

The Racer leather jackets have a zipper on the front and come with a band collar. The classic racer usually has a zipper in their pockets. These jackets are simple and incredibly versatile.

3. Flight Leather Jackets

flight jacket

The flight leather jackets are designed for the military pilots. It has a zipper in the center. It also has additional protection from the wind with a placket that covers the zipper. It also includes hems, ribbed cuffs, and two large flap pockets in the front. In most cases, it is also insulated from the inside to keep the pilots warm even when they go to high altitudes. This jacket will keep you warm and cozy.

4. Classic Leather Jacket

classic jacket

The classic leather jackets are always in fashion. They are slim fit jackets with long sleeves. You can buy a super expensive classic leather jacket or even go for a cheaper version.

5. Bomber Leather Jackets

bomber jacket

The Bomber leather jackets are also initially designed for the military and completely robust. If you are looking for a tough-guy jacket, it should be your top choice.

6. The Fencing Leather Jacket

fencer jacket

The fencing leather jackets are an adaptation from the fencer wear jackets. They have zippers that are placed asymmetrically. These are considered high-end jackets and epitomize style completely.

7. The Rock Version Leather Jacket

rock jacket

If you like jackets with big and long zipper pockets and well as big lapel just like James Bond, you should go for the Rocker version. You will love it.

8. The Hybrid Leather Jacket

hybrid jacket

You can also choose one of the hybrid leather jackets that are not entirely made up of leather. They are half leather and half made up of another material. This makes them light and comfortable. You can buy any hybrid style jacket and enjoy the dual combination of different materials.

9. The Twist Version Leather Jacket

red jacket

If you don’t like to go the mainstream way, you can buy a leather jacket with a twist. These leather jackets are not in the traditional black color. You can get them in deep brown or cherry red color. Go for a twist and make a style statement.

10. Designer Leather Jacket

designer jacket

These jackets are more focused on latest fashion trends and casual lifestyle. These are bit expensive than other jackets but looks great. These are often worn by many celebrities and movie stars.

To sum up, these are the top ten leather jacket designs that will make you fall in love! You can choose any of the designs depending on your requirements and style quotient. No matter which one you want, leather jackets will ultimately bring out the charisma in you!

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