How to Clean Your Leather Bag at Home

Jun 13, 2018

A well-designed leather bag defines the ultimate style statement of a person of any age. Men or Women – we all prefer leather goods, especially when we think about bags that have multiple uses.  Leather is a mark of durability and it creates a timeless impression on our personality. But a leather bag needs extraordinary care if you want to maintain the natural shine. Both old and new leather bag need a gentle touch of care as they are subject to dullness due to weather effect, pollution and scratches.

A designer leather handbag is a good investment that every woman wishes to include in her wardrobe attention. Since now that you have decided to invest in such leather bag you must know the easiest way to clean your leather purse, clutches, totes, laptop bags, etc. As leather is a very tough and long-lasting material, but it is sensitive also at the same time. Any kind of scratches, stain or when the bag is exposed to dust and water, it gets affected   and loses its shine and looks. So, keeping all these facts in mind, we would like to state few tips about how to clean a leather bag at home easily.

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Homemade cleaning solutions for your Leather Bag:-

1. Use mild Facial Soap

Mild facial soap is a perfect cleanser for your leather handbag as it is free of harsh chemicals. Make a solution with water and mild soap in 1:8 ratios and mix it well in a spray bottle. Spray onto a piece of soft cloth and clean gently the dirty surface. After cleaning allow the surface to get dry naturally.

2. Lemon and Tartar mixture

The most common stain that we notice on a leather bag is food stain since bags are an integral part of our accessories in parties and restaurants. No matter how much we try to remain cautious, food stains will find its way. To get rid of this kind of food stain we will suggest making a soft paste of tartar and lemon juice and gently apply it onto the stain. Allow to sit at least half an hour and wipe it smoothly. Be patient and you will see the stain getting disappeared.

3. Use Alcohol

Though ink pen is almost obsolete, but it is a better option to know how to recover ink stain from a leather bag. Ink tends to get dry very fast and leaves a dye which is impossible to remove by ordinary cleanser or ink remover as it may also fade the leather colour. So alcohol is the best option here. Apply a little quantity of alcohol into the ink stain and rub it with a cotton ball. Wear gloves while using alcohol. 

4. Use Talcum Powder

There are some stains which are very hard to remove but we also have a solution for these solid stains that can be made at home. Yes talcum powder is another agent to make your leather bag free from any oil or grease spots, which are hard to remove.  If you notice any oil spot, immediately press the spot with soft cloth and then sprinkle talcum powder so that it could absorb the oil.

5. Damp Cloth and Water

When there is a dust or mildew on the leather bags, you can just use a damp cloth along with water and the bag will be cleaned. This is the easiest method. Often times when the bag is not used frequently, there are white spots on it. Use the same formula of damp cloth and water to get rid of it.

Some tips for Extra Care:-

  • As leather is sensitive, so recondition it with some leather conditioner after a regular interval. Your handbag will never look dull if you polish it after every use. This is the most common way to keep your leather bag in a proper condition. Leather is a material which gets back into its original form when it is maintained regularly with branded leather conditioner. You can get these conditioners online or through retail stores.
  • If the leather handbag gets wet, immediately make the bag dry. Although leather does not get affected due to water but still in order to keep it in a good condition you should always keep it dry and light.

  • Always use soft clothes to clean the bag. Sometimes cloth which is made of rough material, it scratches the surface of leather bags. This can led to a uneven mark on the bag. So make sure to use right cloth material while cleaning the bag.

  • Before applying any cleaning product, test it on a small area of your bag, so that you could watch the reaction. This is very important tip because many people try the solution on the entire bag at once and then get worried about the consequences. It is better to try at the backside portion or on the lower part of the bag before applying it fully.

  • Fill your bag with paper or cloths when it is not in use to maintain a good shape. This helps to keep the bag free from any scratches or small curves.  There are stuffing material which is available online which can be easily used inside the bag.

  • You should use the dust bag which prevents outside dirt. It is ideal for keeping leather bags. You can also create your own cotton or synthetic bag at home for keeping the leather bag safely inside it.

 We must know the don’ts also before we start cleaning –

  • Never use Ammonia based or harsh chemical based cleanser.
  • Don’t use a hard brush to clean the surface. It will damage the natural softness of the leather.

Be very careful to what solutions you are using and make sure you follow the steps properly. Home remedies are easy to apply and it offer quick results. The reason why leather bags are used over other materials is that it can get back to its original shape and form when treated properly. Nowadays many people prefer to buy leather cleanser and keep it at their home so that they can use it in the time of need.

So, friends, we hope that the above tips would be helpful enough to enhance the longevity of your favourite leather handbag.  Leather bags are the favourite possession of fashion lovers and you must keep in mind that regular uses also need regular cleaning, so never indulge the stains to get old and clean it before it gets dry and concentrate.





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