9 Benefits of Using Leather Card Wallet

Jun 21, 2018

Card wallets are an essential part of everyday life. If you possess a multitude of cards, you can definitely not count on fitting them all in your regular wallet! Leather card wallets can be your top choice when you are selecting a card wallet for yourself that fits everything at one place. There are many characteristics they possess that make them unique, and they stand out among the other types of card wallets.

leather card holder wallet

Here are the 9 benefits of using leather card wallets:

1. They have a Long Life

Leather is known to be durable and has a long life as opposed to wallets made out of synthetic material. If you buy high-quality leather, your wallet can even last a lifetime. Many companies and brands process leather in the best possible manner so that they don’t undergo a wear & tear process and have a great life. Leather is a strong material which was mainly developed to be used in rough conditions and now has become a part of everyday lifestyle. You can never regret having spent few extra dollars on it.

2. They are Classy

Leather wallets are classy and luxurious. It signifies a timeless piece of art which keeps on getting better as the years pass by and it still looks more beautiful. Designer wallets are also very much in demand and used by many people.

The leather is always perfect no matter the occasion or season. This is why you can always buy a leather card wallet in the assurance that it will never go out of style. It can be passed on to next generation with a feel of pride.

3. Perfect Companion for Travelling

They are the perfect companions when you are planning a vacation or a holiday due to their compact size, water-resistant qualities and multiple card slots. We often travel with various credit and debit cards and it is difficult to handle it. But leather card holder wallets are the perfect accessory to arrange multiple cards in a same place.

Professional people always carry lot of business cards during their travel and it would be essential for them to carry a card wallet. You can also use Passport card wallet which has extra space to keep passport and other useful items. The best part about these wallets is that they can easily fit inside your pocket and they are very lightweight.

4. They are Eco-friendly

Leather wallets are also a good choice because they are Eco-friendly, unlike the wallets that are made out of PU material. People prefer to buy products made of natural material rather than buy something which is artificial. Therefore, it is a one-time investment when you buy a leather wallet, and you don’t even have to worry about harming the environment.

5. It has Natural Colors through Vegetable Tanning

Italian leather is famous for its distinct leather quality, workmanship and design. Vegetable tanning is a process in which the tanning is done through natural tannins extracted from the woods or barks of plants. It is a traditional form of leather tanning. The colors from vegetable tanning looks more natural and has a rich appearance. Products made from this type of tanning are more expensive than chrome tanned leathers.

6. Always in Fashion

Another great feature of a leather card wallet is that they are always in fashion and never disappoint. Whether you want it to be accompanied in your travel or just for a typical day at work, you can count on a leather card wallet to not ditch you at the need of the hour.

Be it a teenager, a mid aged man or someone in their 60’s, leather wallets suits everyone.  There are very few products which have a massive following among every group of people and leather wallets & accessories are among those set of products.

Celebrities from Hollywood, fashion bloggers, millennial businessman and influential politicians they all have a similar liking for leather products. When you go for any event and want to see the accessories worn by these people, you can always notice a leather bag, wallet, suit or a jacket. 

7. They are Flexible

This is a big and unique characteristic that can push you to buy a leather card wallet. Moreover, with time, the flexibility of these wallets is only increasing, making them more durable and long-lasting! Another reason is that you can organize different cards from various banks as per your requirement, so that you can quickly reach out for the preferred credit card at the time of need without any hassle. The credit card holder section is very beneficial. Hence, most of the travelers and busy professionals prefer using leather card holder wallets.

Synthetic wallets are very rigid and the plastic gets damaged after a little use. It looks cheap and improper. So many people resist buying these low quality plastic wallets and go for leather wallet.

8. Leather can Breathe

Yes, it is true that leather can breathe! Therefore, it can be a perfect choice when you travel because it wouldn’t have any moisture. This will also ensure that all the things in your leather card wallet are intact and safe.

9. They are resistant to fungal attacks

The best part of a leather card wallet is that it is resistant to mites and fungal attacks. The ordinary card wallets are usually prone to wearing off because of mites and fungal infestations, but the water-resistant properties of leather make it free from any such worries. Hence, once you buy a leather card wallet, you can rest assured that you will not need to invest in another one for a very long time to come. 

Bottom Line

It is crystal clear that when thinking about buying a card wallet for yourself, the ideal option would be to choose one made in leather because, in addition to the excellent properties of leather mentioned above, you will always be noticed for your immense sense of style and fashion. It can be one of your proud possessions that can be carried everywhere. Nowadays with the increasing use of multiple credit cards, it is essential to buy the perfect card wallet.

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