7 Leather Handbag Trends for Summer

July 14, 2018

Summers are right on their peak and we definitely need a handbag that goes with this season. One would obviously not opt for a woolen one in summers, right? So, here we have collected the best handbag trends you may want to follow this summer. Trendy stuff gets expensive? No, not at all. Here is a collection of 7 leather handbags that are not just trendy but affordable too.

1. Tote Bags


Tote bags are affordable as well as apt for multiple purposes. They have been in trend due to their style and comfort. While summer vacations are all about travelling, tote bags make it easier to carry the necessary stuff. Totes have lot of space inside to carry laptop, books and other essential items. They come in different colors but the most popular tote colors are brown and black.

2. The Crossbody Bag

crossbody bag

The crossbody handbags are another great leather handbag to choose these summers. The long strap is the most attractive thing in these bags. In case you wish to carry weight, you can easily put it around your shoulder. The straps let you dress the way you wish to. Moreover, it gives a casual vibe that can be used anywhere. These bags look stylish and they do not slide off from shoulder and can be carried smoothly.

3. Clutch


It is the most compact form of a handbag. A clutch is a must-have in your collection since it helps you carry cash and cards if travelling for a short distance. It is ideal when you want to carry few important things and do not need large bags. It is very popular in casual occasions and parties.

When you are going to events which involve walking, dancing or live performance then it is better to carry a clutch because it makes you feel free and you do not have to worry about it.

4. Duffel Bags

duffel bags

For a short weekend trip, it is a perfect size bag to carry a pair of clothes and important stuff. Not just for travelling but they can be used for everyday purposes like going to the gym. They look classy and go with any sort of dress.

Duffel bags have lot of advantages because they are lightweight and can carry multiple items. They can be also used on adventure travels. You can also buy duffel bag with wheels which helps to travel more comfortably and make it easy to take the bag on airports and other places.

5. Hobo Bags

hobo bag

They are the most casual form of leather bags apt when you have to travel a long distance every day. They get under your shoulders and can be folded easily if you do not have much to carry. Thus, they help you have space as well as fold easily due to their crescent shape. They are apt for both summers and winters.

6. Saddlebag

saddle bag

They are great to carry in parties. They are small size bags having a curve shaped design with a long strap allowing you to hang it on your shoulders. They are in trend for quite a long time and are likely to be in the future too. You will find incredible options in saddle bags. Pick up a designer one if your budget permits.

7. Fringe Bags

fringe babs

Covered with fringes all around the body of the bag, the fringe bags are new in trend and an excellent choice nowadays. Not too expensive, one can use them in summers as well as during winters. The fringes may be in various colors patterns and shades. Pick your favorite color and get going these summers.

Final words

The variety of handbags in the market is pretty large. One can find both expensive and affordable bags. However, if you prefer affordable ones, these are the best ones to go with this summer. You could also buy a variety of them in various light colors and match them with your summer dresses. Every bag is unique and special but they can be used for multiple occasions. You can choose these handbags based on your convenience and choice of design. The best part about these leather bags is that they can be long lasting and works well in every situation.

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