7 Benefits of Using a Clutch Wallet

Oct 17, 2018

Clutch wallets are small purses that can carry cards, cash, and phones in them. They are compact yet efficient replacements of bags. Most clutches are rectangular or oval. They come in versatile patterns and designs.

Clutch wallets can be paired as accessories with dresses, jeans, sarees, and other apparels as well. From prints to pearl embedded wallets, there is a huge variety of clutch wallets to choose from. Other than being attractive and stylish, clutch wallets have additional benefits as well.


Here is how a clutch wallet is beneficial in 7 different ways!

1. They can carry Essentials in their Small Space

Well, we are not in the mood to take a big and bulky bag and unnecessary put weight on our neck and shoulders every single time we go out. It's not essential to endure the pain of pockets for carrying a debit card or a few notes either.

There are occasions and times when all we need is some cash and our phone and lipstick at the most. And carrying a huge bag for a couple of things is simply lame. Excuse yourself from a bulky purse and carry a clutch wallet in style.

2. It works as an Accessory for a Dress

It all comes on our pockets at the end. Apparel, a bag, shoes and accessories make up for a significant cost and sometimes, we don’t understand what to compromise on. Buying a clutch and carrying it off with your beautiful dress can make you look even more attractive without investing in other accessories to pull off the look together.

A clutch wallet can work wonderfully as an accessory with a dress. Rock them with a nice pair of shoes or block heels, and you are good to go.

3. The tiny Clutches bring along Classy Vibes

Yes! Clutches make an impression at first sight. Wearing a beautiful outfit and ruining its beauty by carrying a bulky bag looks disgraceful. On the contrary, carrying a clutch displays an attitude. There is a certain amount of confidence in the eyes and the walk of a lady with a compact wallet in her hand. If you want to carry yourself like a diva, replace those bags with clutch wallet for parties, events, and dates. Specially leather clutches are always admired by many women and they love to carry it.

4. They are Effortless and Pretty

They are easy to handle; very handy and compact so that they require minimal or no effort at all. You can walk all day with a wallet in your hand where you can put your money, cards, keys, and phone easily.Usually, clutch wallets are small, but there are larger sizes also available in the market, and you can put a few additional things and carry them to a business meeting.

5. They have a revolutionary History

Clutches weren’t a part of women’s wardrobe since times immemorial. They came in our hands with the revolution of time and the modernization after the Second World War when women explored the other world just like men.

It speaks out the story of women stepping out for work, moving in the direction of progress and establishing an individual space for them in the world. Clutches reduce the burden of baggage from not just us but also the orthodox rituals that have pulled us down from the ancient times. A clutch wallet talks about the liberty of women.

6. You can pair them according to your whims

These handy little purses are ideal for an office party, a club party, an evening snack in a restaurant and to dinner dates as well. Of course, the only thing you have to worry about is to match your clutch with the outfit and the occasion. Contrasts are classy; mismatches are not. A glittery clutch is not ideally good for an afternoon lunch, and flowers won't match with a little black dress.

7. They talk about your Personality

Clutches come in a lot of shapes, sizes, designs, and patterns. From a floral print to an animated character or just a plain and subtle rectangular accessory, there is a lot of variety. Clutches speak of your personality. They also come in glitters and pearls and hence, the type of wallet you purchase has an association with your inner person.

They are just like a persons' clothing which has her hidden colors on it.  Some clutches are fancy while others look professional and classy.

There are no rules laid down in a fashion book but if you are chic and love to stay trendy, select clutches wisely. Online and offline markets have thousands of varieties in wallets. Play with colors and experiment with fashion; the ground is all yours! Carry a clutch and conquer the world gracefully!


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