5 Myths About Leather You Should Stop Believing

Jun 29, 2018

The individuals with great choice admire the aristocracy of real Leather. The comfort, the shine and the texture the Leather product inherits, is beyond expression. It brings forth a radical change in the style statement. Leather creates the best impression wherever you go. It is unique, classy and represents superior lifestyle. But often you find yourself misguided by some myths about leathers and its usage, which may prevent you from owning a Leather product.

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Here you can get detailed points discussing the 5 myths that you should not believe about Leather:

1. The Expense of the Leather determines its durability

If you think only expending a better amount can give you a long lasting result in case of choosing the right leather then you are making a mistake. There are different types of leather available but you should be aware of the quality of the product. The pricing of leather is based on lot of different factors. Tanning process also decides on the final cost of leather. Vegetable tanning is expensive than chrome tanned leather but many times vegetable tanned leather does not have great quality since the leather is very thin and it is made from the hides of goat.

Many brands charge high prices on leather products since they have distributing agents as middleman. This increases the markup and customers have to pay increased prices whereas online brands focus on direct consumers approach and hence the pricing of products is much lower but the quality is similar.

2. Leather can easily tumbledown

You may have the misconception that leather is not sustainable and it can easily get scratched for its fragility. It is basically a myth. Other fabric lacks the resistance, but leather is very much stretchy and bounces back every time. Leather is known for its durability and strength.

Leather products like bags, briefcases, totes are used extensively and it remains intact in every condition. You can see many travelers specially prefer to carry leather backpacks during their adventurous travel to mountain, climbing and trekking activities.  

Leather is made from animal hides which are very strong in nature. These hides are then categorized on the basis of different grades of quality. Leather Bags are mostly made from hides of cow or buffalo whereas jackets are made of sheep or lamb leather.

The advantage of leather is that it does not catch odor like other materials. The leather is very much resilient. Another great quality of leather is that it does not catch fire. Real leather does not get burnt under fire.

3. Cleaning Leather is a Hard Job

Many people are observed to say that cleaning leather is difficult, but actually, it is as easier as washing fabrics. You should rub off the dirt from your leather with conditioner once or twice in a month. But it is better not to apply any kind of detergent on the leather surface as it washes off both the dirt and the colors of the leather.

You can easily clean your leather by using plain towels or damp cloth. If you want to clean the greasiness caused by oil, then take the help of baking soda or talcum powder and sprinkle over the stain to absorb it.

There are different methods of cleaning leather based on your convenience. Leather is one of those materials which are flexible and easy to accommodate. You can buy any leather product and it will never trouble you for a long time.

It is advisable to choose dark leather colors so that it is easier to clean. Colors like black, blue and brown are very popular choice among consumers. There are leather conditioners available which can also remove cracks from leather products.

4. You should not Wet Leather

The concept of keeping your leather away from the water is completely wrong. Real leather has the ability to absorb water. This hydration of the leather is important to keep the leather well maintained. The general consensus is that you should keep leather with minimal contact with water so that it does not affect the shine. When leather is wet, you can use cloth to dry the leather.  Leather is a natural material which does not have a negative impact from liquids or water.

5. Leather Color Fades Away

This is totally a myth. Leather is a strong material and it is processed in such a way that the colors does not fade easily. You can use leather products anywhere and it will remain the same. Leather should be cared properly and it will never fade. If you are using leather conditioner and also regularly cleaning your leather products, then it will not become dull.

Leather should not be kept in places which have excessive direct sunlight. Heat can dry the leather and can cause small cracks, so it is better to store your leather bags in a dust bag.  

If you are buying a leather product then make sure to care for it properly. Leather can survive for ages and it can still look new. Leather is available in different colors and each color has been made in such a way that it can handle the regular wear & tear.

Final Thoughts

Leather has lot of good qualities which makes it a desirable material for every buyer. It is something that never goes out of fashion. Do not get confused due to myths and misconceptions about leather. It has lot of strength and resistance. People who likes to by high quality fashionable products always look for leather. It not only makes you look extraordinarily stylish but also comes with durability and easy maintenance.

Leather is widely used by many brands in all sorts of products and it has a special liking by many people who are travelers, young professionals, college students and adventure enthusiast. Nowadays there is trend for customized leather goods which makes leather more appealing and you can choose leather color & style as per your preferences. So, feel free and stop worrying about using leather goods.

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